Special Events

Weddings/Renewal Vows:
The Great Deck provides a heavenly backdrop for this most special of all occasions. Your wedding pictures are sure to make you the envy of everyone back home. The 2,000 sq. ft. deck gives enough space to accommodate a relatively sizable entourage for a ceremony as well as reception or you can keep it just between the two of you. For the more adventurous, hold the ceremony below the 35-ft. Mystic Falls along the property's Waterfall Trail through Bird Valley. If a beach wedding is your dream, we can put you in touch with experienced local wedding planners to assist you and you can hold your reception on the glorious Great Deck. Your imagination is the limit!

We can refer you to professionals in Tobago to help you arrange for catering & other wedding-related services. We can also help you find additional accommodations for your group within the village of Castara if necessary. Getting married in Tobago is simple and stress-free: you must both be non-residents of Trinidad & Tobago and meet a residency requirement of three weekdays, commencing the day after your arrival. For document info & license arrangements, click here. Email us for more particulars.


(Yoga retreats, nature lovers, family reunions, tours, etc.):
The Great Deck, with its one-of-a-kind view of the sea & Castara Bay will be the perfect focal point for group activities and meetings. The Hanging Garden terraces offer even more common space. We can find additional accommodations for your group within the village of Castara. There are 4 restaurants in the nearby village, all serving local cuisine at moderate prices. We can also make arrangements for cooking. Email us with a description of what kind of needs your group will have & we'll take it from there.

Newlyweds will find bliss here like in no other place. Where else can you bathe under a private waterfall, enjoy close access to unspoiled and non-touristy beaches, indulge in the pleasure of cooking simple meals with fresh local ingredients, lounge in a hammock with a favorite book, and watch the setting sun streak the sky with vermillion as it gently drapes the gauze of dusk over a storybook view? At night, with the lights of the village in the distance and Castara Bay silhouetted in moonlight, you have countless stars upon which to make your wish for a lifetime of happiness.