About the owners
David Hennage & Alice Farling live in Washington, DC, where David is an association executive, and Alice is an assistant superintendent of schools in northern Virginia. Alice also leads workshops on leadership & renewal for individuals & organizations. We have traveled extensively over the years, and fell in love with Tobago in 1997 after visiting friends on the island. After several trips to Tobago-each full of adventure, serenity, and fun-we decided to follow our hearts & make Tobago our second home. David enjoys yoga, sculpting, hiking, kayaking, and diving (Tobago has some of the best hiking and diving in the world). Alice loves to hike, kayak, snorkel, & garden. Both of us enjoy reading, photography, & birdwatching. Paradise Point is a place where we can live the life we've always dreamed of.

Reservation details

How do I make a reservation?

After making an availability/reservation request, we will contact you (typically within 48 hours) by email to discuss the prospective details of your stay. Please note that a reservation is considered final only when we receive the 50% deposit. You may use your credit card via Paypal, send a bank wire, or if you have a US bank account, you may write a check.The remainder of the payment is due no later than 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Do you have secure online reservation capability?

Yes, but indirectly. Payment/deposits are conducted via PayPal, a trusted name in secure web transactions. After you sign up (which is free) for a PayPal account, you can use your credit card or checking account to pay us (payable to dhennage@erols.com). Non-U.S. currencies are converted to US$ at the time of the transaction. If you prefer, you may make a deposit through a bank wire, or if a US resident, by check.

What is your cancellation policy?

To be fair to both parties, we will try our best to fill the vacancy if you have to cancel prior to 7 days before your scheduled arrival date. If we are able to find another guest, the ENTIRE deposit amount will be refunded to you. If not, the deposit will be forfeited. If, for example, we are able to find someone to cover 4 of the 5 nights you reserved, we will refund you 80% (4/5) of your deposit amount. Of course, the more notice you give us, the more likely it is that we'll be able to find someone to cover your dates. We cannot provide refunds of any amount for cancellations within the 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

There are only two of us. Are there any other options for a couple that doesn't need the whole villa?

For those who desire only one bedroom and don't mind the possibility of sharing the villa grounds with another party for all or part of your stay, the villa can be split into private one-bedroom suites, with private entrance, terrace, and equally stunning views of Castara Bay and the hills of the rainforest. For more information and pricing >

Planning your trip

Where are The Villas at Paradise Point located?

We are located on the northeastern side of the island just off the Northside Road and just before the village of Castara in Tobago, West Indies. Tobago is 20 miles northeast of Trinidad, its bigger sibling island. link to map

What are the transportation options?

Transportation pickup to/from the airport is complimentary for stays of 7 nights or more. The friendly and knowledgeable driver who would pick you up is named Porridge. He's our guest relation's manager. You will also want a car to enjoy the many adventures that Tobago has to offer. You can rent a car or jeep at any of the fine rental establishments near the airport, or from Porridge. If you would like to contact Porridge regarding car hire, contact us. contact us >

What do I need to bring besides a valid passport?

A driver's license is recommended. It's advisable to make photocopies of everything before you travel.

What airlines fly to Tobago?

As of this writing, British West Indies Air (BWIA) has direct flights to Tobago from Toronto, New York, Washington, DC and the United Kingdom. BWIA is a United Airlines Partner, so you can earn or use BWIA miles or United miles, whichever you wish. Other locations/countries may require a short stop over in Trinidad or Barbados. Check with your travel agent, your favorite airlines, or your favorite travel site (e.g. expedia.com),

What is the Tobago departure tax?

A charge of TT$100 (less than US$20) is assessed upon departing from Trinidad & Tobago.

During your stay

Is cooking and/or housekeeping available?

Light housekeeping is provided twice per week on weekly rentals. Daily housekeeping services are available at additional cost. Arrangements can be made to have Gemma prepare some of your meals. You would need to pay her directly for this service.

What kind of phone service is available?

In the remote parts of Tobago, accommodations rarely have phone service. There is a pay phone in Castara that can be used with a phone card (available in convenience stores, supermarkets, etc). You can also leave Porridge or Ital's phone number with your family in case of emergency...and they will get in touch with you to let you know to call home. When leaving messages, be sure to tell Porridge or Ital which villa or suite you are staying in.

We have walkie-talkies available for villa rentals. These are rechargeable two-way radios with a 3 to 5 mile radius. They are great for communicating when someone goes to the beach and the other party decides to stay at the villa. Some guests prefer to bring their own.

What other amenities are available in the villa?

Refer to our Quick Guide.

What standard of electricity is used?

110V (US) are the standard in Tobago. You will need to purchase an adapter in order to use 220V (European) products. Outlets are plentiful in the villa.

Is the villa accessible to elderly people, those with mobility challenges, or young children?

The layout & natural features of the property (& Tobago as a whole) are not conducive to the needs of those who are unable to walk stairs & inclines. One should be reasonably fit to enjoy all that Tobago has to offer. The property is not suitable for young children unless they are carefully supervised to ensure their safety.

Are any staples provided?

You will need to purchase staples while in Tobago. You will find a starter set with bar soap, two rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, a roll of paper towels, and trash bags. You can ask Porridge to stop at the market on your way in from the airport to pick up supplies.

Are beach towels provided?

Although each villa has a couple of beach towels, you may want to bring extras, depending on the size of your party. You can also buy them in Tobago.

Do guests have access to the laundry room?

Guests staying for a week or longer may use the laundry room. Gemma, our housekeeper has the key. You will need your own laundry soaps, etc. If you wish, Gemma would be happy to wash and fold your laundry for a small fee paid directly to her.


So how is Tobago pronounced, anyway?

Say "Toe-BAY-go." It's up to you to provide the lilting island accent...

How big is the island of Tobago?

Tobago is only 27 miles (43km) long by 7 1/2 miles (12km) wide. The winding hillside roads create lovely vistas, but can make distances deceptive.

Where are Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean?

They are the southernmost link in the Antillean island chain, lying approximately 9 miles off the coast of Venezuela. In fact, Tobago's Main Ridge is thought to be an endpoint of the Andes Mountains.

Do I have to buy everything in TT dollars?

US dollars and/or credit cards are widely accepted; however, you should convert to TT$ for smaller establishments and rural areas. You may withdraw TT$ at a reasonable rate (better than most currency exchanges) with most types of ATM cards at the banks on the island.

What is the weather like?

Tobago has two primary seasons: the dry season (January-April) and the rainy season (May-December). Rain often comes in quick bursts; blink your eyes and the sun may be shining again! Cooling trade winds are consistent, with a sunny climate year-round (avg. temp is 29°C/83°F). The water temperature is only a few degrees lower. Tobago is outside the main hurricane belt & has fewer autumn storms than many other parts of the Caribbean. For sailing, our location on the north coast is quite sheltered from May to December. The intensity of the trade winds from January to May makes for a more advanced sail, but the winds rarely exceed Force 5.

Are there restaurants nearby?

Yes. Three of the most popular restaurants in the area are Cascreole right on Castara Beach, the Boathouse on Heavenly Bay or "Little Castara Beach", and Marguerite's, great food located on the main road through town and by the river. For sandwiches and light fare, or an early morning breakfast and cup of cappuccino (still rare in Tobago), just park at Castara beach and walk in the sand to the Naturalist Beach Cafe. Blue Mango's "Clay Kitchen" and "L&M" are also good places to eat, but you'll need to check their schedule to see when they are open. The new "Almond Tree" is on the beach and serves roti and local fare. Englishman's Bay has a cute "roti" stand and the owner serves fabulous homemade coconut ice cream!

What's the general custom for dress and courtesy?

Though you may well be the only ones on an isolated beach, nude or topless sunbathing is against the law. You'll find the dress code perhaps a bit more conservative than some other islands-long pants and dresses are the safest bet for an evening's entertainment. The vast majority of Tobagonians are friendly, sociable, and receptive to visitors, but it is best to ask permission before taking their photographs.